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The Benefits of Social Media


Social media is an important part of our society these days. People spend on average three hours a day on social media according to the latest data. Many people have negatively pointed out that social media is decreasing personal relationships and face to face communication. People have talked about other not so positive things about social media. However, they ignore all of the positive things about social media sites. And when you add up all of the positives and negatives, there are far more positives.


While social media means that people are talking face to face, that isn't necessarily a bad thing. Talking to people on social media actually builds people's confidence and makes it that much more likely that they will actually talk to people in person when they meet them. This is very useful especially when you want to Sell your products to them. People who think that social media is breaking down real life communications need to look deeper and if they did they would see the truth.


Social media also makes the world smaller. When I was younger, there was no such thing as social media at least in the way that we know it now. If I had social media when I was younger, I might have gone down a completely different path after being exposed to a much bigger world. My view of the world was much smaller growing up as kid in rural Mississippi.


Social media also helps people achieve their dreams. With social media, you no longer have to sit back and wait for another person to come along and help you achieve your goals. Social media is the ultimate platform. A prime example of that is a woman named Issa Rae.


Issa Rae wanted to be a television star. But as an African American whose ideas were a little out of box, she was told constantly that she was not marketable. She was told that her show just wouldn't work. So they didn’t let Issa Rae live her dreams under them. But Issa Rae didn't let that discourage her. She became very popular. Now big budget production companies are clamoring for her. And there are many other success stories just like Issa Rae's thanks to social media.


Social media can also spark wide-spread activism. Social media allows people all of the globe to rally for one cause or against some injustice in the world. Things that may have be quietly swept under the rug a decade ago, can no longer be hidden from the public. Occupy Wall Street became the movement that it did because of social media. Social media is also an awesome way to raise money for causes and help your fellow man (or woman).

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